We have two styles of lighting that we provide regularly (Other styles available upon request).  All lighting installation pricing includes any patching necessary and texture matching!  We can also do recessed lighting at the same time as your acoustic ceiling removal so that your ceilings won’t have to have any patch work done from a future installation! Our most popular option is our 6” incandescent recessed light with a 65W flood bulb and a white baffle trim.  These are the the same style of lights used today in many track homes.  They add plenty of light and beauty to your home and are great for those who are trying to keep the cost down on the lighting portion.  This style of lighting can be seen on the right above.  We now offer LED lights in the 6” style as an upgrade for this light! We also offer a 4” low-voltage recessed light.  These lights are halogen lights which provides a full spectrum, white light like the sun does so everything in your home will look exactly as it would if it were in natural sunlight!  Very beautiful!  These lights are also popular in kitchens over granite countertops because they make many kinds of granite sparkle.  In addition, each of these lights use a fraction of the energy that a normal light uses and produce very good light!  No having to wait for the lights to warm up like you do with fluorescent lighting!  No mercury!  These are a fantastic option for anybody who is looking for a high-quality, custom look!  These can be seen in the two pictures to the above left. We offer many other electrical services as well such as: ceiling fan jacks, new outlets, new switches, rewiring existing electrical, pendant lighting, as well as any other custom electrical you can dream up!