No. We will arrive in the morning and will be done in time for dinner in most cases. On jobs that may take more than a single day, we usually will complete a section of the house on the first day and clean up everything. Then we will finish the remainder the following day. You will be made aware of the estimated time to complete the job.

No. We mask off the walls and floors to minimize dust and leakage. We take pride in leaving your house as clean as possible, however there could be minor vacuuming.

Yes. The ceilings will need to dry for at least 48 hours. Then it is best to prime/seal and then paint. (In addition to ceiling repair, we offer interior and exterior painting as well!)

We specialize in these types of ceilings. These ceilings are much different than drywall ceilings and are more labor intensive. One day is all it takes!

Yes. We can texture your closets however they are an additional charge and many choose not to have their closets textured. Doors will have to be removed and top shelves have to be cleared if you wish to have them done.

No!!! We actually ask you to move furnishings against the walls and to remove all small breakables. This helps us to insure a clean and timely job.

We would appreciate it if you could remove the blades on your ceiling fans prior to our arrival. Draperies must be removed if within 6 inches of the ceilings.

Yes. We will notch the drywall to run our wiring and patch our own holes all in the same day!